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Typical ADHD is treated in several steps. Medications are frequently involved. About 70 to 80% children respond positively to the stimulant medication. But it doesn’t work the same way for all kids. Doctors at time need to try several medications to figure out the best one for a particular child. New skills are taught through “behavioural modification” and “psychological therapy” and it also help is their healthy interactions with the people around.
It is best advised that the parents, teachers and caretakers also learn and understand about this disorder. ADHD kids are usually under stress; the learned adults can help them cope with the situation. Plan out the positive motivation strategy with some rewards so as to minimalize the effect. Family therapy is also advisable in such a scenario.
At times people argue about giving stimulants (Adderall, Adderall XR, Ritalin, Folcalin, Folcalin XR, Vyvanse, Concerta, Mydayis) to the kids suffering from childhood ADHD but it is proven that these stimulants activate those parts of brain which are needed for organization, impulse control and focus. ADHD is incurable but these stimulants help in controlling the disability’s symptoms for most kids.
Although there is no proof that ADHD is caused by a poor diet plan or it can be healed by any special diet, Mediterranean diet is considered to be a good choice. This diet is healthy and is actually recommended for all children. Kids definitely do better if they take in a balanced diet. They should eat vegetables, fruit, whole grains, proteins and omega-3 fats. Sugar, processed foods and saturated fats should be avoided.
Before labelling any child with a disability, it has to be kept in mind that teachers, principals or caretakers are not eligible or qualified to diagnose. They can observe, jot down the symptoms and discuss among themselves before conducting a proper consultation with a health care professional. Only trained professionals can diagnose ADHD or any other disability.
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