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The adhesiveness of Music

by 高莫娜 Mona

I have deep love for music and movement since I don’t know when. It takes me to a whole new world and I am pretty sure it happens with every other soul. There is magic in music and it is of no surprise that the arousal of aesthetic aspect among kindergarteners is mandatory. All educational institutes, big or small, famous or ordinary, old or new, they all realize the importance of music and movement among the students of all ages and have designed special programs to help them better understand music.
When students come to the class they come in with different moods. Some are sleepy, some missing mommies, some feeling cheerful and some just grumpy! The moment we enter our music room, they suddenly get charged up. Music brings everyone together. We have a loose routine to follow with the intro music, followed by couple of music instruments and finally our aerobics and zumba movement.
It is usually assumed that it is very hard to train preschoolers in music. To some extent it is correct. We are teaching serious skills in music and our target learners are non-serious. So we have to crack a code where both teacher’s and student’s needs are met. There is more of passive learning than active, or to be more precise, it is “learning through play”.
First and foremost, rules are very important. We have a set of essential agreements including tidy up the instrument from where it has been taken, not to play them without music, follow the signals for transition activities, etc. To train them about the beat, 4/4 initially preferred, I play a score and students clap on each beat. I take a pause if it goes offbeat and they quickly realize it and try to autocorrect! Then we move onto our instruments. I have kept hand bells, maracas and shakers for the initial stages. They are taught how to play in alignment with music and how to be in rhythm. To sync them better with the rhythm, we do aerobics and zumba regularly which keeps them fit and help them understand the beat better.
I my experience, music is the most adhesive activity which keep all sorts of kids and people together regardless of their different appearances and perspectives.

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