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Taking ownership with due diligence

by 高莫娜 Mona

People in general and women in particular are able to multitask and juggle plenty of chores at a time. Call it their innate ability, their compulsion or simply their personal choice; they take complete ownership of their family. A family which they built up together with their better halves or out of pure love, one of the partners gradually takes charge of all the responsibilities, discharging their partners even from the role they are supposed to play.
I once met a young beautiful woman of Nepalese descent, doing labor work at a site. The site was located at a busy street of Causeway bay and I was just passing by. She caught my attention as I was waiting at the pedestrian signal. Her few months old child was hanging at her back, crying, desperate for his mother’s attention. I couldn’t resist so walked up to her and asked about her whereabouts. She told me that her husband is behind the bars, he got caught red handed while selling the drugs. She had three children in total, the youngest one was at her back. Every morning she was dropping her older kids at a whole day school and coming for her tedious whole day shift. Still she was contended that she is able to meet the needs of her children and was willing to get tougher on herself in order to pursue the dreams she had for her offspring.
The ownership which that single woman took for her three innocent kids was changing and shaping their lives drastically. Imagine when a teacher is willing to take the ownership of the kids under her direct protection, what impact she can bring. A teacher can be for her students a guardian, a counselor, a protector, life skills trainer, a mentor, a confidant, a friend, all at the same time. The only prerequisite here is to realize the significance of your stature and understand the importance of being a teacher. It is a privilege, an honor to be in a position when you can be avtrainer of someone else’s child.
Parents put blind faith in their children’s teachers and the teachers have to respect this trust. Only if we feel our students as our own and make use of every bit of our time with them, we can expect a generation who would be able to take ownership of the kids under their guidance. Today’s trainees are tomorrow’s trainers and only their success in fulfilling their responsibility will prove us as good educators.

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