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Suggestions for Improvement to the Subsidized Schools

by 高莫娜 Mona

We occasionally talk about the local or subsidized schools and their struggles in keeping up their free to subsidized education and catering for the low to medium income families. Following are few suggestions for improvement to the subsidized schools.
School Fee Adjustments
While keeping the eligibility criteria for KG admission to the PEVS, the school fee threshold should be subject to an annual review with reference to inflation. It will help them to give better salaries to the teachers and will be successful in keeping their experienced and qualified staff.
Salary Scale for KG teachers and Principals
The Government’s decision to stop issuing a recommended salary scale pursuant to the PEVS had been perceived by KG teachers as giving no recognition and due respect to the teachers. A salary scale commensurate with teachers’ qualifications and experience should be provided by EDB.
Sustainable development
Formulate a blueprint for the development of early childhood education, including continuous professional development of teachers, subsidy mode for pre-primary education, governance on the quality of education services and parent education.
The quality review (QR) has imposed immense pressure on kindergarten and teachers. The KG workforce finds it stressful to fulfill the quality standards. Let the kindergarten sector review their efficiency by themselves through self-evaluation and the role of EDB in the QR should be phased out in the long run.
Professional Competence
The professional competence of teachers is an essential element in improving quality pre-primary education. EDB should continue to provide support for the professional development of KG teachers and principals.
Parent Education
The school should encourage parental education so as to promote better learning and developmental environment of children. They need to literate parents about the child centered play based learning so that they can improve their quality education.
Advisory body
So far there is no immediate body to which the school can seek immediate help. There are various issues that keep on affecting the kindergartens and which are related to the upgrading of quality pre-primary education. They need assistance but there is no immediate listener.

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