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Strike a balance between study and play

by 高莫娜 Mona

As Albert Einstein quoted “play is the highest form of research” and Fred Rogers said “play gives children a chance to practice what they are learning” is enough to emphasize the significance of children’s quality free time.

I have been meeting parents who are willing to do anything to help their kids strike a balance between their study lives and personal time. Yet they are skeptical as how much time their kids should be spending on different activities or will their child get used to extra-curricular activities and she will start avoiding studies.
Whatever our take is on play based learning and different sports, one thing is for sure. To be healthy and gain mindfulness, taking part in healthy activities is very important. It teaches us the discipline of practice and we can formulate a proper balance to excel in both the areas.

To start with, making a time table for your kids is essential. Why do we have a timetable in our schools and child care centers? Scheduling the time helps us achieve the maximum in the given time slot. Our school is usually for seven to eight hours and we are able to do plenty of curricular and non-curricular activities. If we do the same type of planning for our kids’ free time, we can utilize their time very well. Organize and manage their weekdays, don’t let the weekday plan you, plan weekends wisely, make use of travel time to and from school, academy, and games. Support your child with fun activities during their scheduled free time. Children love to bake, you may make snacks, play ball games, or simple indoor games.

By splitting our child’s free time into shorter periods and letting her / him enjoy fun activities, he or she is more likely to stay motivated to learn. All of these little efforts can bring a positive change in our children’s lives. A healthy balance between all our life activities will make our children’s childhood memorable and unforgetful.

As Psych Central, an independent mental health online resource stated that “There are many pressures that kids face — themselves, teachers, coaches, parents, peers and society. Making sure these pressures don’t become overwhelming and finding the right balance between work and play is key for a healthy childhood.”

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