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Social adaptability and socialization – a key to success

by 高莫娜 Mona

Every qualified early year’s educator is familiar with Jean Piaget and Lev Vygotsky. Jean Piaget, a Swiss psychologist renowned for his ground breaking Piaget’s theory of cognitive development and his work on child development. He manifested the importance of education among young kids. Whereas Lev Vygotsky, a Russian psychologist, eminent for his views on child development and for his visionary Social Development Theory. Vygotsky believed that all cognitive development happens through social learning, and thus their learning is interdependent on their social-cultural context.
Piaget and Vygotsky are considered as godfathers of early year’s education and the Vygotsky’s Social constructivist theory revolutionized the preschool and higher level’s content of learning and teaching. Nowadays, more or less all schools’ curriculum is based on Vygotsky’s social development theory and the educators and researchers are acknowledging the significance of socialization skills in getting the ultimate success in life.
This all lead the educators to focus on child’s all areas of development including cognition, language, art, physical fitness and health and socialization. It meant that the teachers should be focusing on child’s different aspect of learning, not only the academics. Undoubtedly academic is crucial but it is not the only indicating factor of a child’s perfect grooming.
But it is heart wrenching to see how parents and teachers are usually concerned about the academic grades of young kids. It is more of a derby race than a happily developing childhood. We have to accept our children as the way they are. Not every child is the high scorer but there is definitely something special in every child. This is the reason why do we focus on extra-curricular activities, so as to discover the hidden abilities of our children.
I have seen children being abused, scolded, neglected and punished because of their falling grades. These children start to isolate from their environment and eventually get trapped into their own shells. Their social skills fall apart, it gets difficult for them to get along with the people around. And if they continue to live the same way, it gets harder for them to gel in the society and are usually unable to get hold of a stable life.
Whereas if those children are accepted as the way they are and encouraged to pursue the dream according to their talent and abilities, they can develop socially well. They are able to find a proper social circle, grow happily and can polish their hidden talents with the help of their educators and parents.

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