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Self-management Skills

by 高莫娜 Mona

What is the right age of teaching a child the self-management skills? All parents have different parenting style and I don’t prefer to critically analyze the parents. All of them try their best to groom their child according to their own circumstances and experience. Some are lenient and some adopt a stricter approach.
However there are types of parents who are over protective and extremely available for their child no matter what. Every child deserves proper care and love but spoiling them with unnecessary expenditures and affection is an undesirable behavior.
I grew up in a society where mothers are very loving towards their kids and find pleasure in doing their child’s every single chore. It is one of the reasons that their kids stay dependent upon their parents for a long time and find it somewhat hard to get independent and lead life on their own.
In western society, the age of eighteen is expected to be a proper adult age . Parents set their child free and most of them are able to get hold of their life. I personally admire the parenting of Hong Kong parents. Their every step takes a child towards self-management and independence. When a child is able to walk, the parents train her to carry a small backpack with her water bottle and a small snack inside. This practice makes a child responsible and she starts to manage her things from the very beginning.
When the preschool starts, we teach the toddlers many basic skills which include taking off and putting on their shoes on their own, tidying up their school and snack bags, zipping and unzipping the bags, handing over their homework, helping teachers with little chores, tidying up their chairs, waiting for their turns, toilet training, etc. All these skills are sharpened everyday by daily practice and when the children start their primary school they are very ready to work independently.
As parents and teachers, it is our responsibility to build a generation who can serve us when they replace us not us serving them by making them over dependent on us. Our children are our strength, we should not make them our weakness and only by handing over them the responsibilities we can expect responsible adults shouldering responsibilities equally or might be some extra.

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