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Positive reinforcement and motivation

by 高莫娜 Mona

Motivation is the process of stimulating or encouraging people to act ambitiously to accomplish certain goals. Motivation can be positive or negative and one can say in a heartbeat that positive motivation is the key of getting promising results. Appreciation does wonders and it is said that a person who feels appreciated will always do more that is expected.
When positive motivation can do wonders with adults, imagine how inevitable it is for the young learners. This is why the early year’s teachers are expected to be extra caring, gentle, smiling, together with a pleasant personality. Patience is a must when handling younger kids.
I have observed teachers giving time out to the naughty kids, initially the children get scared of it and promise to listen but when this becomes a routine, they also start enjoying their time outs. As the world is changing, new studies are coming up and the researchers are showing up with new findings. It is believed that small rewards can garner great achievements.
When my daughter was in kindergarten, she showed up extra charged whenever she came back with a sticker. She used to keep it safe and tried not to tear it as it was too precious to her. This little gesture of her teacher would keep her happy for later part of the day and the days when she was unable to get the sticker, it used to ruin her mood. I mentioned this to her teacher and thanked her for the thoughtfulness and encouragement. She was surprised as it was her normal routine and she thought she didn’t do anything extra.
For adults, small gestures are small but for the young kids these gestures make or break their day. The teachers put a lot of effort in encouraging their students with rewards like stickers, sweets, stamps and others which is an excellent practice. We should be treating all the students equally and appreciating them altogether so everyone can have a bright day and everyone can move forward by achieving something every day.

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