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Parent’s role in their children’s upbringing

by 高莫娜 Mona

Francis Bacon (1561-1626), an English philosopher and statesman, wrote several short essays which became a lot popular and were officially published in 1597. He claimed that his essays serve purposes for personal upbringing and explore an eclectic mix of philosophical, political, moral, and social questions.
Among his outstanding masterpieces, one essay was “Of parents and children”. It is a suggestive essay and it provides few suggestions to the parents regarding their child’s upbringing. He thinks that there are some common practices related to children which need rectification. Bacon has talked about children’s profession, the way parents struggle to keep their kids happy, the way parents fear for their child’s bad fortune and that the kids hamper their parents from doing the noble deeds. They are their parent’s focus of attention and the parents carry out every deed for the comfort and better future of their kids.
Apart from the above stated topics, Bacon struck a chord with a very significant subject which prevails till date. He talked about the unequal attention of the parents towards their two or more kids. He reflected upon the way parents prefer one child over the other and usually compare them. The eldest gets the most respect and youngest is spoiled.
If we look deeply, Bacon wrote this essay more than three hundred years ago, but the problem still prevails. I have witnessed parents preferring one child over the other, comparing them over their study levels, habits, nature and worst of all, facial features and outlook. It is extremely harmful not only for their psychological sanity but for their long term personal relationships as well. The siblings who are always compared or one is preferred over the other usually carry sour relationship with each other. They can never be best friends, instead find friendships outside.
It is definitely not a healthy sign. The siblings should be grown up by looking at each other as a perfect confidant. There should be no favors over personal likes or dislikes. And we should keep in mind that today’s child is a parent tomorrow. We should inculcate those values among them which we should be proud of, when seeing them as a parent.

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