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Music is the best form of expression and for children it is an essential element to boost their creativity and confidence. But as you plan your lesson what are the key ideas that you focus upon? Following is an exemplar of a lesson plan based on the theme “Animals”.

The learning experience
Let children enjoy music and movement together with their friends.
Enjoying together
Smooth transition of activities
Materials Needed:
 Piano
 musical instruments
 word cards
 Cd with a CD player

Prior Knowledge Necessary:
Children will be having “Animals” theme. They will know about certain animal names, their sounds, their actions, their strengths and limitations, etc. They will apply their knowledge during the activity.
Enjoy the pleasure of singing together.
Learn to play different musical instruments with correct rhythm and beat.
Learn to wait for their turns.
Teaching Strategies or procedures:
Beginning and motivating Activities / Introduction
Teacher will conduct entire music activity in story form. They will be told that they are going for forest exploration therefore, they can get a hat. They will also prepare their backpack with necessary items and need to put on imaginary boots!


Teacher will play little music and children will guess which song is that「She’ll be coming down the mountain」or「Ha-Ha, This A Way」
Children and teacher will sing the song together.
Rhythm Activity : First introduce the new song tune to dance using the musical instrument. Later ask children to stand at one side and do the performance. Three groups perform turn by turn.
Game : Teacher says forest animals really want to play with us, so we will play the music 「Five Little Monkey」and when music will stop teacher will say an animal’s name or will take out its sound, children need to be fast to find out that animal’s word card. The one finding the word card will get a small gift.
Music Rhythm : Teacher says to children: Forest animals are very happy to know them so they want to dance with us together. When music is d m d m d m,dance as a small rabbit and when its drm drm drm drm they need to dance as an elephant.

Warm Reminder:
Children always enjoy creating music lesson. They will be able to create an imaginary world of forest while seeing different animals with teacher’s guidance and enthusiasm. Let them play instruments while following the rhythm and beat. Teach them to appreciate each other’s and enjoy each other companionship.

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