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Managing our emotions

by 高莫娜 Mona

Emotions are an integral part of every person and we express them in a variety of ways. It is the part of a person’s character that consists of their feelings, as opposed to their thoughts. We assert them by showing happiness, love, fear, anger, or hatred. These feelings can be caused by any particular situation or the people we are with. The dominance of a particular emotion shapes our personality and people start recognizing us as a happy, sad, angry or loving person.
The display of emotions in our private life is non-objectionable as everyone is free to live they want to be but in your professional field you have to be extra vigilant of your behavior and the personality that you carry. Mainly because our life is associated with plenty of other people and we are interdependent. And when it comes to the educators, they have to be extra cautious of their display of emotions. Especially the young kids’ innocent minds are unable to process our mood swings and loud behavior.
I remember when earning my degree in education, one of our lecturer showed us a video. The language was Spanish and she played it out loud and asked us to watch. We were confused as the volume was too loud and we were unable to understand a single word because of the foreign language. She took our feedback and all of us were on the same page. We were unable to comprehend the content and it was just the noise that remained with us. Our lecturer calmly explained to us that the same situation occurs when we scream and shout at small children. They don’t understand a word because of their limited comprehension and innocent minds but what stays with them is our aggressive behavior and loud voice. They will not memorize the reason of our aggression but they will pick up on the habit of shouting and screaming.
Her lecture was maybe a general discussion but it created ripples in my mind and was an eye opener for others as well. There are several things that we do know what do not want to act upon, partly because it is hard to act upon.
This mind shift changed my teaching style gradually. From then on, be it my own kids or my students, I always talk with them calmly. I let them understand why I am unhappy with their behavior and what can be the outcomes of their negative attitude. It has helped me understand my students better, and it developed my students’ trust on me as well. Mutual respect and understanding garner fruitful results and great progress.

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