Handling Of Difficult Kids

by 高莫娜 Mona

Hi there! I am back with my second blog. I kept on thinking what should be my first topic of discussion. Shall it be about the learning behaviors of children, their tantrums, their interests or simply their adorable day to day life? Once I settled down on a topic, which was their learning behavior, I realized that even before talking about their behavior it is vital to think about the root cause of certain attitudes.  Cause and effect is internationally acknowledged term and is applied from macro to micro level, from the country issues to a household issue and even from an elderly to a toddler.

If a child is behaving in a certain way, there is always a crisis going on at the back end. In case of toddlers it is mostly the “Separation Anxiety”. According to my experience, 2-3 years old are most reactive towards separation. 0-2 years old and 3 years and above adjust better once their basic needs are met which includes comfort, care, food, toilet issues, etc. But it doesn’t make the suffering of 0-2 or 3 years and above any less. Our home is our comfort zone; it is a place where we unwind ourselves in any way we want to without any fear of people’s judgment or opinion. For kids it is also the only place where they feel secure. I have observed 0-3 years old stay happily inside their home without any desire of going out, meeting others or any travel crave.

Their home provides them every entertainment which they wish for or we may put it as home is their entertainment! So when a child is suddenly introduced to a new environment, fear is the first reaction. Even for adults, they become insecure in a new environment so what do we expect from small children? Shall they be jumping around happily with plenty of new faces attending them? Their fearful reaction is natural but what irks me the most is the improper handling of kids by some untrained caretakers. At times the kids are handled with over attention and at times with unnecessary harsh behavior. Again I’ll state that not all do it, most of the caretakers are experienced and professionals but some really need to think how they can better handle the situation. Parents, in particular, need to be trained in handling their kids.

The importance of this topic is undeniable and with a proper knowledge of symptoms and do’s and don’ts in the situation, the caretakers and the parents can dissolve the difficult situations.

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