by 高莫娜 Mona

We discussed before about the art of storytelling. Today we will take a closer look as how we can reap maximum benefits from a simple storytelling session

Stories can be used to teach your target vocabulary and achieve specific objectives. There are three steps in proper storytelling.

The Three Stages of Storytelling

  1.   Before storytelling
  2. During storytelling
  3. After storytelling


  1. a) To get children ready for the story time – Do some warm up activity, sing a relevant song
  2. b) To arouse their interest in the story – Ask questions related to story context


  1. a) To help children understand the story – Ask questions to check children’s understanding of story, tell the story with different props, voices, facial expressions, etc.
  2. b) To let children enjoy the story – use simple words in meaningful context, repeat patterns, invite children to say repetitive phrases, etc.


  1. a) After storytelling – revisit the story, sing related song, you may do a role-play or play a simple game with them

Following is a sample lesson plan for storytelling:

Time Duration 30 minutes
Activity Storytelling
Story Where’s My Teddy
Date 16/11/2019
Learning Objectives * To understand and enjoy the story Where’s My Teddy when teacher tells the story with the storybook.

* To participate in the process of storytelling by saying “teddy bear”

Children’s Participation * To say “teddy bear”

* to respond to teacher’s questions

Before the storytelling activity * Show kids your teddy bear and ask who has a teddy bear at home. 

* Tell children that the story is about a boy who has lost his teddy bear.

During the storytelling activity * Draw children’s attention to   Eddy’s facial expressions while looking for his teddy bear.

* Encourage children to participate in the process of storytelling by saying “teddy bear”.

* Invite children to predict the ending by saying “What would Eddy do after facing the bear”, “where he would go”?

After the storytelling activity * Ask children to tell if they like the story or not.

* Invite children to name the character they liked the best.

Extended Activity * Tell children many of us love the teddy bear, so how about singing the teddy bear song together. Show the word card “teddy bear each time when it comes in song.

My students love our storytelling sessions and I love conducting them! We reap amazing results from our simple yet target oriented plans and it is equally enjoyable for all of us. 

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