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Developing the writing skills of young kids

by 高莫娜 Mona

Writing is an excellent form of expression. It is an art which can be sharpened at an early age and with sheer guidance a child can master her writing skills.
I have observed that each and every child has a keen interest in books and they like to be told stories and even like making their own stories. Parents and teachers can make use of this interest and should introduce stories at a very early age. Bedtime stories should be started as early as the parents put their child to sleep.
To nurture their writing skills, the children have to be exposed to extensive language activities at an early stage. At school, they should be doing phonics, storytelling, story retelling, vocabulary building, role-plays, singing poems and rhymes, small group conversations, trying readers for beginners and last but not the least, making stories.
Generally, by the combined effort of parents and teachers, children normally start to read by the age of six. Once they start to read, they should be encouraged to write on any topic of their interest. Initially, four to five lines are more than enough. In the beginning, ignore their grammatical and spelling mistakes and focus on the content written. At this age, the children are also very fertile in picking up the poetry. I wrote my first poem at the age of eight. It was about an apple and lemon and I compared their taste, as far as I remember. Nowadays the kids are even smarter, thanks to the better genetic makeup and the developed world.
The only key of making a child better in any skill is the encouragement. If we will be too critical of their work, we cannot groom their talent. Instead of analyzing their work at our level, appreciate their effort by keeping in view their age group. In the modern world, we have known people like Julia Donaldson, Helen Keller, Eric Carl and Dr. Seuss who created ripples in the literary world with their outstanding contribution towards literature.
The journeys of all these above stated writers were not an easy one, but they did have a great support system. If we support the little efforts of our young kids we can have amazing writers in the upcoming generation as well. Small words of appreciation can make a big difference in their lives and in the society in general.

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