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During childhood, there are plenty of issues that may affect the oral health of children, including tongue thrusting, tooth decay, thumb sucking, lip sucking, and early tooth loss. As a matter of fact, the baby teeth are eventually replaced by the permanent teeth but keeping the proper hygiene of baby teeth is essential to your child’s health in general and her well-being.
Baby Bottle Tooth Decay
Now-a-days children take a lot of sugary food which comes through the soft drinks, juices, formula milk, or any other sweet drink. And if the child is not maintaining proper teeth hygiene it leads to the Baby bottle tooth decay (also called nursing bottle syndrome). Even the infants on breastfeed are also prone to tooth decay because many at times they fall asleep with unswallowed milk still in their mouth. Bacteria in their mouth feed on the sugars, which ultimately causes tooth decay.
If tooth decay is not treated, it can cause infection and pain and the child feels difficulty in chewing and eat the food and can cause loss of appetite. Baby teeth are replaced by permanent teeth and baby teeth act as “space savers” for them. If baby teeth are decayed, they will be unable to help guide adult teeth into their proper position. It is due to this reason that we see lot many preteens with crowded or crooked permanent teeth.
How To Prevent Tooth Decay?
Following are some of the advices to prevent tooth decay:
1. Plain water or a pacifier is the best to calm your baby down. Avoid giving sweetened drinks.
2. Do not sugar coat the pacifiers.
3. When putting your child to sleep, do not give sweetened milk or other drink. Again plain water or pacifier is the best replacement.
4. If the child is on breastfeed, detach her from your breast once she falls asleep. It will refrain from milk gathering inside the mouth.
5. Avoid adding sugar to your infant’s food.
6. Wipe your child’s teeth and gums with a wet cloth after each food intake. It will aid in removing any bacteria-forming plaque from the teeth and gums.
7. Visit a dentist regularly and also ask how to keep a steady balance of fluoride in your baby’s body.

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