About me

by 高莫娜 Mona


Hey there! My name is 高莫娜Mona and I am a passionate educator with 13 years of experience and counting. I never thought of becoming a teacher and the teaching practice was just limited to the role-plays! After I completed my studies I started to look around for career opportunities. Banking sector was a massive hit but the experiences of couple of my fellows were not too impressive for me. One of my acquaintance suggested me to try the teaching field. I substituted in few kindergartens and the more I interacted with the little ones the stronger pull I felt towards the field. I took up a job as a Phonics teacher at a local Hong Kong school and got enrolled into Education University of Hong Kong. I earned my degree in Education with specialization in early years. Once I entered into the little kingdom I never thought of climbing up the ladder towards primary or secondary education. I can proudly state that I am an early year’s educator by choice! 

Early years is the foundation of a nation who can make or break your country. How many of us truly believe in the significance of preschool education? Many people I interacted, who had no connections with schools, thought of preschool as a fun place where kids go for a happy time pass and learn basic of alphabets and counting. Only through my learning experience I found out that alphabets and numbers are a fraction of content which kids learn at a playschool. Their self-esteem, self-respect and independence are nurtured in a secure and trustworthy environment. It is a place where young minds are taught the basic skills which are inevitable for their survival in the years to come. The early years educators who are paid the least are the ones who are busy building a nation who are the future of their society.

Teaching is not an easy job but it’s been my habit to close our day to day activities on a positive note while giving a boost to my students’ confidence. They are always told how proud I am of what they have been doing, and how I look forward to what is to come!